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C & G Contracting, LLC specializes in storm restoration and is locally owned and operated serving North TX. We offer both residential and commercial roofing services. Roofing includes complete tear-offs and replacements, along with roofing repairs, claim help, gutters, interior repairs, and more. Our experienced roofers are able to install and repair many types of roofs including metal, composite shingles, and more.

Residential Roofing
C & G Contracting, LLC provides fast service for all your roofing needs in the North Texas area. Call today and receive a FREE INSPECTION from our roofing experts. We will come out to your home and give you an honest assessment of your roofing needs. Quality craftsmanship and design are key - and we go way beyond the basics with extended warranties and great customer service, ensuring our customers' satisfaction and their roof's long term performance. We will meet with your insurance adjuster, if requested, to determine a proper scope of work. We are prohibited by law to negotiate on your behalf, but we can answer the adjuster’s questions about the work that will be required to bring you back to pre-damage condition. When you become familiar with what our roofing processes consist of, you will quickly realize where other roofing companies fall short. Once your personalized roofing plan is established, our experienced team of professional roofers will come to your home and perform the work quickly, safely and with the quality craftsmanship that earns C & G Contracting, LLC many referrals.

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Residential Roof
Commercial Roofing
Single Ply
Single ply roofing systems consist of one layer of material which has long-proven performance. Thanks to their white color, they reflect heat and are Energy Star certified, reducing your building's overall cooling costs. There are more benefits to single ply roofing. It eliminates the danger of fire and smoke pollution, reduces odor, offers improved abuse tolerance resistance and provides superior puncture protection. After 30 years of use in the commercial roofing industry, Single Ply roofing is a superb roofing system. Types include TPO, PVC, and EDPM.

Modified Bitumen
Modified Bitumen roofing, sometimes referred to as simply “modified roofing” is a durable, weather resistant commercial roof membrane suitable for flat roof and low sloped roof applications. The modified bitumen roofing system is a time tested commercial roofing choice that has been used prolifically in many commercial and industrial roof applications. Modified Bitumen roofing systems create watertight barriers that perform for many years at a time due to the multiple layers. The technology employed in creating this roofing system makes it an affordable option.

Metal Roofing
Metal roofs offer a wide range of benefits, and are an excellent option for a roof. They are especially suited for hot climates. Metal roofs provide energy saving benefits and can help to lower energy costs. They’re also designed to be extremely durable, and hold up well in excessive heat. They are very durable and can last longer than many other roofing materials. Metal roofs today are available in a wide range of aesthetically pleasing options. With a wide choice of colors, it’s easy to find a metal roof that will be perfect for your project.

Coatings provide a seamless watertight bond to your roof, there is no messy tear-off of the old roof interrupting business, coatings are energy efficient (think green roof), and they are much less than a traditional roof system with the same warranties as a traditional roof system. Works well over virtually any roof including metal, modified bitumen, TPO, and EDPM.
Claims Assistance

When dealing with wind, hail or natural disaster emergencies, property owners face a unique set of challenges. You're faced with critical recovery decisions required to mitigate damages and navigate a complicated insurance claims process that can be filled with ambiguous language, complicated calculations, and endless lists of documents which makes the process overwhelming and time-consuming.

Most people don’t realize the insurance company doesn’t automatically pay their insurance claims, particularly with damages that are considered hidden or insidious or aren’t readily recognizable by untrained professionals. The burden is placed on the property owner to recognize and “prove” the claim in order to be reimbursed for a loss. When a disaster occurs, the insurance company has adjusters, engineers, claims managers, and lawyers representing insurance company interests.

Dealing effectively with insurance claims presents a challenge even experienced insurance claims negotiators can find challenging. As claims get more complex, the energy and time required to properly document and value every detail of the loss increases. Most property owners whom attempt to “handle” their own claim are unable to recover and collect full and fair compensation for their losses.

Property owners facing storm-related crises involving property damage have continued to turn to C & G Roofing to assist in rebuilding homes and stabilizing lives. As experts in the storm restoration field, we can explain and answer questions regarding the scope of the suggested repairs and why each item is necessary. We are Xactimate experts so we will provide scopes and estimates using the same software used by the insurance industry.

Roof with Hail damage.
Emergency Repair and Maintenance

Your roof protects your home or commercial space from the elements. When your roof sustains damage, you need a reliable roof repair team to come to the rescue. That's where we can help! As an established roofing contractor, C & G Contracting, LLC provides thorough and accurate roof repairs designed to protect not only your roof, but your property as a whole. Our professional team is equipped to handle a wide variety of roof repairs. Whether you're dealing with a few lost shingles or major structural damage, we have the tools and skills to get the job done. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and complete professionalism. Don't let problems with your roof linger. The longer you wait, the more extensive the overall damage is likely to be. Instead, trust your roof to the dedicated professionals at C & G Contracting, LLC. To schedule a roof repair estimate, call us today.


Seamless gutters means there are no joints to leak. Our gutters are custom-made on the premises to fit your home. We use only the heaviest gauge (.027") aluminum coils for your gutters. Your seamless gutters are installed with hidden hangers, which are fastened with screws. The finish on the materials is warranted not to blister, flake, chip, crack or peel for a period of twenty years. As with all our installations, we warrant our workmanship to be free from defect for a period of five years.

Key Benefits:
- No need to repaint year after year.
- Aluminum doesn't rust like galvanized steel.
- Aluminum is lighter than steel.
- We use hidden hangers with screws instead of nails. Screws are less likely to come loose and don't require a hole in the face of the gutter system.
- With no seams except at the corners you can be sure that there will be no leaks.
- Gutters are offered in 32 different colors, which are baked on for a long, beautiful appearance. All finishes are guaranteed for 20 years to insure a long-lasting, beautiful finish.
- 5" or 6" aluminum seamless gutters
- Seamless guttering provides a more uniform appearance.
- We can do Half Round Gutters